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What is Abuse? Children

~1~    Hyperactivity                                   
~2~    Depression                                            
~3~    Changes in eating habits                      
~4~    Changes in sleeping habits                    
~5~    Difficulty at bath time                              
~6~    Difficulty at bed time                      
~7~    Regression in behaviors               
~8~    Bed-wetting                                                  
~9~    Self destructive behaviors                      
~10~  Increase in accidents                   
~11~  Moodiness                                              
~12~  Talking nonsense                                       
~13~  Bad dreams                                            
~14~  Social difficulties                                         
~15~  Falls behind in school                                  
~16~  Plays violently with dolls                             
~17~  Hurts animals                                              
~18~  Lies

Although from time to time, children normally experience some of the above, consistent or prolonged problems should be brought to the attention of a trusted professional, such as a doctor,  to rule out any physical reason for the behavior or   a therapist, if no physical reason can be found.

The best rule of thumb is.  If you suspect there is something that just doesn't seem right.  Or the child seems to have changed, behavior has gotten worse, not interested in their favorite hobbies, sports, and even the family!
 Go with your gut feeling.  Try to rule out things like divorce, family death, even a death of a pet.
 Can you see signs of abuse?  Observe how the child carries them self.  Are they trying to not use an arm, limping, act as though they are hurting?
 Does this happen often?  A child is sometimes hurt by holding pulling, squeezing the arm, for which the child could have bruises,  the bruises could look like a hand, or finger print.
 Is the child's clothes seem like they are out of text for the season?  In other words is the child wearing clothes not appropriate for the weather?  Some children are bruised, and the child either wears clothes to cover the bruises up, or is told to cover them up.

Some children are into rough sports.  Make sure the Saturday game didn't cause this, or after school practice.  
If you can't come up with a good explanation for the child's injury.  
Go with your gut feeling. It is better to know everything is OK, than it is to read the child's obituary in the paper.  
Or to find out that the child was abused for many years after wards, before someone rescued the child.
 Or no rescue at all.

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